Camera apps found stealing photos!

It has been informed through our resource that Google is letting malicious apps on the Play Store.

You will find numerous beauty apps on google play to get a better picture. However, all these apps are not called to be trusted as there has been many instances now of your personal photos being stolen by using the beauty camera apps which also consists of carrying some malicious activities in it.

Beauty Apps

Some of the most popular names flagged included ‘Pro Camera Beauty, Cartoon Art Photo, Beauty Camera, Selfie Camera Pro, and Horizon Beauty Camera’.

Some of these programs were downloaded more than a million times and even stole photos of their targets.

The apps looked like any other editing program designed to enhance selfies but actually performed malicious tasks in the background.

As soon as Google was notified about this, it immediately removed such apps from the Play store.

However, such malicious apps are still slipping into the Google Play Store.

Google has to come up with a better solution in this area.

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