DroneX Pro – A Selfie Drone

DroneX Pro

A drone with a camera has taken the selfie craze to a next level.
DroneX Pro is a selfie drone where you can click your own selfies in a professional way which will not only have your face in it but can also get pictures or videos clicked from every angle around you.

You can easily film the nature, its surroundings and yourself, anyone can fly this drone as it is made in such a perfection that you need not be a trained professional to fly a drone, just fly and enjoy, it’s that easy.

DroneX Pro flying test

A drone with this name needs a quality camera of course. Remember a good quality camera is very important for a drone camera to get great pictures especially when you are clicking it from far distance.

You can also download the drone app on your smartphones (Android or IOS) and view it on your smartphones. And yes it is available in India as well.

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