Intel RealSense Tracking Camera T265

Intel RealSense Tracking Camera T265
Intel RealSense Tracking Camera T265

Intel has introduced a RealSense Tracking Camera this year.
This tracking camera is built to map its surroundings and can orient itself within that map.
The camera has dual lens with Gyro and Accelerometer built into it and it runs using the algorithms.
This camera built for robotics, ARVR recordings and any kind of recording which requires the Visual SLAM.

Intel has also tested this camera with a robot to check how well it functions.
They used 2 cameras on the robot, first is the depth camera which Intel had launched last year.
Depth camera measures the depth of the person or the object in its surrounding.
The second one is the Tracking camera which tracks itself with respect to its surroundings.
The results were amazing as the moving robot not only sensed the object standing in front of it but also changed its direction according to the object without touching it.

The Intel RealSense Tracking Camera T265 is powered by the Intel Movidius Myriad 2 vision processing unit (VPU), which directly handles all the data processing necessary for tracking on the machine. This makes the T265 a small footprint, low-power consumption solution that is simple for use by developers implementing into existing designs or building their own intellectual property that requires rich visual intelligence.

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