New Samsung Galaxy s10 and its features.

Samsung will be launching its Galaxy s10 model mostly during the first week of February this year. It has also been rumored that Samsung will be coming up with 5Gand an On-Screen fingerprint scanner which will give a real fascinating look to its phone.

This model will have its 2 versions that is s10 Lite and s10 which will have a great amount of cost and configuration difference within itself, specially designed for consumers who can’t afford the higher version.

Samsung Galaxy s10 Lite and Galaxy s10

Talking about the configurations, s10 Lite will be launched with 6GB ram & 128GB storage and will be priced upto Rs.61999. Whereas s10 will be launched with 8GB ram & 512GB storage and will be priced upto Rs.75,500.

Out of all this, the battery will still be a concern as it does not look like Samsung has done anything to increase its battery life as it is not even closer to 3800mah.

Also stay tuned with us as we will be back with another update regarding Galaxy s10+ which will be seen somewhere in mid May this year.

Till then keep styling India.

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