What is 5G?

What is 5G? What it will be used for?

Currently we are using a 4G  network which is used to call, send messages and surf the web.
And now there are plans to replace 4G with the 5G mobile network, its new faster network that has the potential to transform the internet.

CNBC has explained in a very simple way to what the 5G is exactly:
5G is a software defined network, it means widely used cables for physical data storage can be replace with the wireless cloud. 5G will provide a 100 times better speed capacity than 4G which will dramatically include internet speed.
For Example:
To download a 2hour film on 3G is takes around 10 to 15hrs. for 4G it takes around 15 to 20mins. and for 5G you will just be ready to watch a film in just few fractions of seconds.

The below image gives you a better understanding about the network transformation taking place all these years.

But it is not just the internet capacity that will get upgraded in 5G, the network response time will also be much faster.

As per the records the response time of 4G is under 0.055 milliseconds whereas the response time for 5G is measured to be around 0.001milliseconds.

The newly built cars in the world has a self-driving function which requires a relatively faster internet and response speed so that the cars can deliver itself to be more effective and be safer when they run.

When can we start using the 5G network?
5G being the most powerful mobile network is still being worked upon as the phase of testing are still in progress. According to the analysts the network frequency 5G requires must be at a larger bandwidth which will require brand new infrastructure.

The mobile companies like Huawei and ZTE have introduced its latest phones which supports 5G network.

However, as per the source the 5G network will not be launched this year due to number of obstacles in its way currently, but it will be soon seen in the early 2020.

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